Monday, September 12, 2005


bah! 1: Ingurland win Ashes

bah! 2: just had stand-up row with neighbours over their 11 year old daughter's behaviour. We see her picking on, being nasty to and generally bullying the younger kids, her parents see her as an ickle angel.

bah! 3: still not finished my assignment, it has to be in tomorrow so I think I'll be up all night and stalking my tutor by going to her host to post it.

bah! 4: weighed self. Have settled back to my default weight ie 17.5 stones.

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Trinity said...

the eight year old who lives next door but one, just called Danz a f-ing bitch and spit at her.
I can't abide small kids with potty mouths. So she's not allowed anywhere near him now.
His parents think he can do no wrong either.
They're quite a few sandwiches short of a picnic.