Tuesday, September 13, 2005

today's 'to do' list

  1. Finish assigment
  2. Talk to O's teacher about how hard he is finding the move from Reception (skool-lite) to Year 1 (skool-proper) - so much so that he claimed to be too sick to go yesterday and this morning was crying and wailing about how he wants to 'quit school'
  3. Watch 2nd episode of Nighty Night
  4. Return a stack of emails
  5. Type up some minutes
  6. Write a report for work
  7. Draw bootiful flowchart for above report for extra brownie points
  8. Stop going over and over what happened yesterday with the neighbours
  9. Stop ebaying for new clothes as a diversion from all of the above

1 comment:

Trinity said...

Reception to year one is hard. There's no sandpit for a start. Life without a sandpit is tres hard.
Pretending you're sick age 5 though signals warnings ... imagine when he's 15. Ugggh think of me and stroppy Abby.
She's not talking to you because I told her you said to by her a bike!! ;P