Saturday, October 22, 2005

bright lights, big city

part 1 ...

mammoth crystal
Went to That London yesterday - meeting in the morning but afternoon free hurrah. So of course I went to the NHM to look at rocks. And discovered that the aces thing about having a picture phone is that you can send you friends sms-postcards of interesting things wot you have seen.
big crystal blue john

Sadly Mr Grumblemag was too busy to meet up, so I had to make my own fun after the museum closed. No problem there tho, proceed directly to Diwana and eat fab curry (well, once they had remembered about my order). It serves gorgeous south Indian vegetarian food, the bel poori and dhosas are amazing. I love the north Indian/Punjabi style of curry you get in most curry houses, but having a different style of curry is a nice change.

part 2 ...

Had to go into Mancunium today, to change my mobile phone. Again1. Spent another hour or so in the Orange Shop. 3rd time lucky, I hope. Town was pretty horrible. A new section of the Arndale Centre has opened, featuring the World's Biggest Next and an enormous Starfucks. Ick. Had to go take O to hang out with the kewl kids to get away from the hideous corporateness. Turns out the City Council don't like them hanging around making the place look untidy, tho.
ban everything

1. I love it, but both the ones I've had so far have gone weird on me


Jude said...

I've never been in a starbucks I'm such a bumpkin.

This comment brought to you by the letters okpnfmmi

Trinity said...

I love starbucks. What a very naughty Mr Grumblemag.
this comment was brought by a very sensual gtqqrms

Helen D said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog and have linked to it here:

(via Marjorie)

I also live near Manchester (and work in it) - I used to look like one the kids on Cathedral Gardens 15 years ago, now I find myself strangely seduced by the big glittery Next...someone send Naomi Klein round to slap me, quick!