Saturday, October 29, 2005

normal service

sorry 'bout the whisky-fuelled pity party last night, and thanks for the comments. I don't hate myself but I do hate quite a lot of bits of my body. I haven't the energy for a big push yet, I don't think, but I will try for a series of small nudges. Starting tomorrow once I've digested this curry ...

Hello Helen (your Manchester-based student librarians can learn the essential moves at these classes) and Fox (haven't been to Enniskillen for years)

I hate adverts. T-mobile, I vow to never buy anything from you ever, you Undertones defilers you. Also curses on whichever other mobile sellers are using the intro to "I fought the law" in their ads. I've just set up my phone to play that when R rings (everyone else is Barwick Green).` Now it sounds like I'm a crazy-frog-alike, to kids who don't even know what the song is or who did it. Gah.

Never mind, there's always gawping in awe at Google Earth to take my mind off it.


Fox said...

"and Fox (haven't been to Enniskillen for years"

Dearie, you're much better off without seeing Enniskillen, it's quiet the shanty town...
I should be wandering it right now, but I'm stuck online, not really doing anything
God, where did my social life go?
I could go exercise and walk
But it's soooo lonely
Unless I phone my friend...
I'll sit here all day eating satsumas until I explode....
Depressing Saturdays...
At least I have all week off to re-cover...
I may go listen 2 some music and read
That would rock my socks

(withdrawls comments about Bridget Jones, but how can you hate her?! She's sooo lovable! Ok. I get the picture. Lol. I'll stop. lol)

clarrie said...

As a Jane Austen Fundamentalist, I am duty-bound to detest Ms Jones.

I visited Enniskillen a few times when my sister lived there, years ago now. I can imagine anyone'd go a bit stir crazy living there, I know my sis did.