Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'm fat

Me and O are visiting my parents for a few days. I have been avoiding looking in their full length mirrors. I "forgot" my swimming costume so I didn't have to go swimming with O and them. I have to admit to myself, I hate the feeling of my gut sagging over my thighs. I have to admit I'm fat and I don't like and I don't like myself. I have to get back to the weight loss cr@p. I hate it but I have to. I hate this.

I think I hate myself.


Jude said...

no you don't as you are ace.

Fox said...

I love this blog
It rocks
You're like Bridget Jones, only funnier and funkier
Anyways, i lurve this blog... like loads
How did I even get here...? I forget, but that's me for you... whatever
Anyways, I'm Matt Fox, (aka - Fox or just Foxy, the odd time Cleo)... And I'm 15 going on 50, lol... I'm from N.Ireland, I have a bit of an attitude, I'm loud, noisy, on a constant battle to drop 20lbs (it's puppy fat! lol), I can be a bit 2faced, but I'm normally nice, and cuddly, and funny, OTT, a drama queen (should that be king...?!)... And I really have only 2 friends that are boys, cos boys are bitches, well, the ones I know... I think I'm rambling... But that's me...
I'm tired
I'll go have a pear
Anyways, check out my blog, and comment, it'd be a lovely surprise in my normally un-surprising life


Mia Goddess said...

I like you enough for both of us.

Trinity said...

crikey woman you happen to be fitter than half the women in England... could they do those sodding bike rides? you're bloody gorgeous...

Jude said...

Watch out, she hates Bridget Jones.