Friday, October 07, 2005

ho ho hmmm

Only 80 days to go! FFS. Bah humbug mutter moan etc. santa-online.comHowever, for the first time in my entire life, I have actually started thinking ahead about Xmas. Oh yes, Santa's been to Ebay - so far I've won auctions for a pair of walkie-talkies, a kid's City shirt and a good-as-new Junior Monopoly set. I also have my eye on Pokemon games for his gameboy colour and some other bits and pieces. Actually, I probably need to cut down on the ebaying, I'm becoming slightly obsessed. But I have had some top bargains, incl. clothes for me. And O is growing out of his bed, so I have my eye on a couple of auctions for 'high sleepers'.

I didn't get around to fixing the puter in the end. In fact I didn't get round to doing anything much. I was struck by some kind of Lurgy and spent much of Wednesday and Thursday sleeping. Still not feeling 100% today but have to get some work done, then am looking after friend's son later. I'm a bit worried about him, I think he's a bit backward. Nearly 3, and doesn't know his Percy from his Oliver! Fortunately, O is having a mini Sodor-relapse and so will be able to give him some intenstive coaching before he goes back into rehab.

In other news: My Son, The Next Jamie Oliver:
  1. At my parents' do, O happily ate cabbage and carrots. When I suggested he have some green beans cos he usually likes them, he said no because he'd already tried them and they didn't taste of anything much. Assembled aunties and uncles were astonished! "Our grandchildren will only eat chicken nuggets!" etc etc.
  2. We went out for lunch on Saturday, O insisted on ordering the Skelington Fish (Grilled Trout) he'd seen R have before. 5 year old child eats trout shocker! Even if he did insist on playing with the poor dead fish's skeleton first.

OK, I know I'm being a bit smug here and quite a lot of it is luck. He's a generally well behaved child, and is not particularly fussy (unlike his mother *blush*). But there must be an element of "If you feed 'em chicken nuggets, that's what they'll eat" to it, too. Where did this idea come from, that children need special food of their own and can't possibly be expected to eat real, normal food?

And finally, top xmas shopping tip: TK Maxx have ace tins of ammaretti-type biscuits in now. The tins are v nice and decorative. Ideal pressies for aunties and such.


Jude said...

EVERYONE READ THIS when I met Claz I think she had nachos.


clarrie said...

I am a firm believer in the "Don't do as I do, do as I tell you to" school of parenting :-P

Stephen said...

Child eating is a lottery - out of my four (all treated much the same) we had one that lived on ham and cucumber, another that loves carbonara, bolognese and apple crumble, a third who is only happy eating sausages and the other who loves a full roast dinner (actually, three of them do...). The two smalls both eat plenty of veggies - but will also go for junk if allowed (they are not allowed junk at home).

The most important thing is not to make a big deal about eating habits, as a child will never starve itself, and will eat if hungry. Making a fuss about eating (either insisting on eating up, or praising big appetites) leads to food issues later on, as both C and I can testify to.

Stephen said...

Of course, making sure that a heathly, varied diet is available, and no sweets, biscuits and only occasional junk 'treats' like pizza is also key...

Trinity said...

give 'em cake is what I say
worked for the French

Trinity said...

a comment that starts 'Child eating is a lottery' hmmmmm yet ANOTHER George Romero fan maybe?
yum yum

isn't bgfooo a cute verification code

Anonymous said...

How did you put your stats on the site of the page like that?

I just started my low carb diet and I am going to blog my progress along the way. I just finished setting up my blog @ swing by and drop a note when you have a chance.

- John

Trinity said...

Hello John... hope you haven't got any kids... bit dangerous here at present until we find Grumblemag and have him sectioned.
I'm sure you haven't got a fat Ass really. Besides I like big bums you can look at them as they hover up the London escalators in front of me.
PS Don't ask Clarrie for Technical advice... she sprays WD40 on everything and hopes for the best. R's only just got out of the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

I'm going to call my next child 'culqnekk' after this momentous verification code.

Trinity said...

If only I'd seen 'bapitf' before I'd made that decision
Damn it