Sunday, October 30, 2005

rainy day women

It was hard to get out of bed this morning, even with the extra hour From under my lovely warm duvet I could hear it was wet and windy outside. Cyling 35+ miles in it was not an attractive idea. I nearly rang CB to say I wasn't going, but I did go. BananaGuardWe modified our ride down to 25 (less exposed) miles and even fitted in a bit of shopping - I got a BananaGuardTM at last. No more squashed nanas, hurrah! And even tho the morning was wet and nasty, the afternoon was lovely and sunny.

Came home earlier than expected, to find R had forgotten all about the local Apple & Pumpkin Party, so I took O to the end of it and he got to carve his own pumpkin for tomorrow night. It's party party party all week next week - B is having a halloween/late birthday party tomorrow, then it's O's turn on Friday, then we're off to spend the weekend with C for her birthday.

today's 2 things:
  • went out cycling in spite of the weather
  • have eaten reasonably all day (no bingeing)


Trinity said...

what if your banana isn't that shape??

clarrie said...

one size fits all nanas. It's actually much bigger than you'd think, I've never seen a real nana that big