Wednesday, July 13, 2005

coming out-rage

I am this: angry.

Today I found out that a neighbour's son is gay. Hopefully you know me well enough to know I'm not angry about that. What I'm angry about is the reason I found out was when his dad rang me to cancel a meeting we had arranged, because he had to go visit his son in hospital. Because his son had been queer-bashed. Unbelievable. It wasn't in Manchsester but in another large English city. I somehow fondly imagined such things don't go on anymore but they do. Bastards. I've known the lad since he was 12, now he's 19 and studying medicine at university and seems to have grown into a nice young man. He's going to be OK and will probably be out of hospital tomorrow, but he shouldn't have been there at all. The idea that someone would beat him up for any (or no) reason is bad enough but for it to happen because he's gay makes me so sick and angry.

I am also this: stunned. By the fact that the London bombings seem to have been carried out by some lads from Yorkshire. I don't know why that makes it worse than them having been carried out by some highly trained Al-Qaeeda cell from Abroad, but it does. Maybe cos I know lots of lads like them, second generation Asian lads, and can't begin to imagine how one of them would become a suicide bomber.


M@rla said...

At the risk of perpetuating a blatant stereotype, I must say this: 19 or 22 year old males will do ANY dumbass thing, no matter where they're from. Politics has so little to do with it, whether they're enacting violence with bombs or on the football field. Seriously, how many female suicide bombers do you see, or how many 44-year-old males? It's the hormones, and unless they have a better way to work it off, this is the kind of bullshit they come up with.

Robin said...

How awful...the poor boy. That just bothers me so much.

Jude said...

The world is RUBBISH. :(

Stephen said...

Marla, there are plenty of female suicide bombers, sadly. The root cause is Palestine and the continued oppression of the Palestinian people by Israel, supported by the US and it's allies. This has driven the Palestinians to desparate acts to try and hit back at the Israelis, which in turn has led to the system of rewarding the bombers with 'martyrdom' and (more to the point) their families with status and money... So the cult of the suicide bomber arrived. No, I have no answers. But helping one country to oppress another is not the greatest plan.

Jennie said...

Hi, I just found your site link from another one.

I just find that horrible and so sad my best friend is gay and if something like that happened to him I would be crushed. You think in this day and age people would just put all that behide them! Gay or not everyone is equal!

Also my grandmother is from Great Yarmouth, but I am in the states. Have a buch of family there. :)

Glad I found your blog I will keep reading!

Balloon said...

The world's crap, innit? People don't seem able to think before they act. It's not just about not wanting bombs to explode or gay-bashings to happen, it's also about how poor society has become in fighting against such acts. I'd rather see massive demonstrations again stupidity, than so-called "defiance". Down with stupidity, I say. I'm going to lie down now, nurse.