Thursday, July 07, 2005

horrible day

It's still very confused, hard to know exactly what's happening, looks very much like bombs have gone off in London on the underground and the buses, people killed and injured.

Thinking of everyone I know in London, emailing to check they're OK, wishing people with blogs would update them with a line to tell us how they are. Hoping everyone, and everyone they care about, is safe.


varitekchic said...

I feel your fear.. I hope that your friends are safe and sound and that this horrible crime does not go unpunished.

My thoughts go out to all of London. :(

Trinity said...

He's ok. He text me. He has to walk home though :(

Robin said...

The entire thing is just horrifying...I can't believe it.

M@rla said...

too terrible. we've all been glued to cnn, but there seems so little news. have heard (email) from my pal in stevenage; he's into town frequently so of course my first thought was he might have been there. glad to hear trinity's sweetie is okay.