Tuesday, July 19, 2005

it's all going horribly wrong

I need a time turner. I have a pile of work to do, several overdue assignments for my course, meetings to go to, kid/s to look after, the house is a mess, I'm playing Single Parents for a week while Rob's at a conference, I have to get everything finished by Friday cos I go to my summer school first thing on Saturday. So naturally I have been spending every spare minute reading the new Harry Potter book. Finished it last night, feeling most smug that my guess at the identity of the Half-Blood Prince (made before I started reading) was correct.

Oh, and I have also been stuffing my face. Bad bad bad. Why is it that when I start to panic, I immediately feel the need to stuff my face?


Robin said...

I do the same thing.


Balloon said...

Stuffing your face when you panic? Tell me about it! I'm the queen of face-stuffing-to-beat-panic. And, boy, has it messed me up even more! Good luck with everything :)

Trinity said...

I'm slowly going mad Clarrie.

Kimberly Strong said...

If only we could have time turners, i'd get so much done!
I too just finished the book and loved it - i can believe who got killed, but the killer shocked me!!!