Saturday, July 02, 2005

make capitalism history

Live8 leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In what way is fatcats paying £599 to listen to Dido going to change the world? The original LiveAid didn't. It's not about making really change, it's not addressing the real inequalities in our world that make people poor, it's not saying anything about the wars ravaging parts of Africa, it's not telling people that if we want 'them' to have more then 'we' might have to have less.

change the worldLive8 ain't the only game in town, pop along to Dissent Network, G8 Alternatives and Indymedia for 100% ageing rock-star free protest. Me, I'm staying home and running a creche so parents can go protest. O is going to be so p1ssed off to find out some parents don't make their kids go on demonstrations with them. We've done our (tiny) G8 bit by going on the G8 bike ride critical mass. I couldn't go cos of work boo but R and O went, I think O even enjoyed it.

OK so that's what I won't be watching on TV today. Guess what I will be watching tho? Hurrah for the power of digibox!

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Stephen said...

I think you are missing the point, oh lovely Clazza - Live8 is about raising conciousness, so the politians worry that the billions watching might just ask awkward questions.

Even if just some of the Great Unwashed take the points about removing subsidies and stopping protectionism then things will have moved forward.

And the numbers involved are enough to get the attention of the right people - Bill Gates won't show up for 100,000 worthy people walking to Edinbugh, but he sure s hell wants to be seen on the Live8 stage, and to get there he had to read up on the issues.

We've been protesting and active in dissent for lifetime - and has it changed things?

Perhaps Bob's right.