Tuesday, March 08, 2005

do I have to?

I did not want to go swimming tonight. Even when I got to the pool and was changed and in the water, I still did not want to do it. After 10 lengths I wanted to get out, but made myself stay for 20. Which is cr@p, considering I did 20 50m lengths last week. But is good, considering I did not want to go at all. And "exercise done because you must builds discipline" (link lifted from Marla).

So no, I don't have to do it. I don't have to do any of this if I don't want to. I don't have to excercise, I don't have to think about what I eat, I don't have to go to FatClub, I don't have to do this big bike ride in September. I do these things because I want to - or because I prefer doing them to the consequences of not doing them. Sometimes I even enjoy some of it.

Today is the last day of my WW week, weigh in tomorrow.

My week in review:
  • basic points allowance for week: 168
    (24 per day)
  • total points used this week: 181.5
    (avg per day: 26)
  • bonus points earned this week: 23.5
  • total points allowance using max (12) BPs: 168.5
  • points +/- for week: +1.5
  • minutes of exercise this week: 250
    (avg per day 35; exercised 4 days out of 7)
  • miles biked this week (est): 23

today's numbers: points allowance ~ 24; points used ~ 19; +/- for week ~ +13.5;exercise ~ 0; water ~ 750 ml; booze ~ 0; crisps ~ 0


CheekyMoo said...

Argh I hope this doesn't post twice. Anyhow I admire you for keeping at it. It's one of the hardest roads I've been down. I learned to like exercise most days, and tolerate it others. Just found you so I'll keep reading. Good luck!

clarrie said...

thanks :-)

Jude said...

good luck at fatclub btw claz. i think i have put on 3.5 so have now lost nothing since rejoining sw OH JOY.