Thursday, March 03, 2005

get over it

I'm not like other women. Most women seem to have been on diets their whole lives, whereas I have never seriously tried to lose weight until last year. So I'm just not used to the fact that sometimes you can do everything right and still not lose. I realise that it is something I will have to get used to, because on a long weight loss journey like I have ahead of me, it's bound to happen again. Hopefully next time I won't let it get me down so much. Thank you so much to Jude and Marla for your comments. If I didn't have to feed other people as well as myself, I'd definitely give the Vodka 'n' Skinny Cow Diet a go for a week.

The 'No Crisps' challenge continues for another week. And today I even turned down free chocolate. They were giving promos out in town, I averted my eyes and walked quickly in the other direction. Free chocolate and I turned it down. The scale gods must surely smile on me for such sacrifice?

today's numbers:
points allowance ~ 24; points used ~ 21; +/- for week ~ +15; exercise ~ belly dancing (60 mins), cycling (30 mins); water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 0; crisps ~ 0;


Jude said...

My comments are crap I just wish I could say something deep. I will tell you all my weight loss secrets when I have umm lost weight.

M@rla said...

yah, what can we say except "I've been there too"? No one has the answer, it sucks. I guess the thing is to believe that you CAN do it, but it's a puzzle to figure out exactly how to. Once time Mia wrote a really good comment on my blog, when I was in that horrible plateau - and I'm sure I'll be on one again. Maybe it will help.