Wednesday, March 16, 2005

could be that time again

**warning: Ladies Things Ahoy**
some ladies

I adore my Mirena coil. Banishes heavy, painful periods and if you're really lucky, makes them disappear all together. And, it also stops you getting pregnant. Bloomin marvellous is what it is.

Not a complete cure for womanly ills, tho. It doesn't seem to take the PMS away, so there's one small disadvantage, you do rather lose track of the ebb and flow of the womanly cycle. I've been feeling pretty cr@ppy lately, and now I think back I think I felt like this about a month or so ago, too. "Mother Nature and Aunty Evolution, bitches both", as I think Fay Weldon said back when she used to write readable books.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying, I've been binging again and the outlook for the scales tomorrow is not looking good.

That up thur btw is a link to a postcard by the genius that is Annie Lawson. Go look at her cards then buy lots.

One day every day will be a best knicker day.

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