Wednesday, March 02, 2005

this is insania

I posted on a cyclists board for advice on whether doing this 100km ride is realistic, of course being evangelical cyclists they all think it's a fantastic idea and say I'll be able to do it no probs and have given me advice on training etc. So basically I've let them talk me into it and I'm going to do it. At least it gives me an excuse to buy stuff hurrah first up I need a cycle computer.

Oh and here's yesterday's numbers (stoopid blogger playing up yesterday):

plan ~ No Count™; points used ~ 1 (points left for week ~ -10); exercise ~ walking (30 min); water ~ 500 ml; booze ~ 0; crisps ~ 0;


Jude said...

*points at insane woman*

clarrie said...

hah I shall do the ride in a t-shirt with 'Insania' printed on the front

Jude said...

maybe they'll name the baby after you

clarrie said...

Nah, I really want them to call it Insania