Sunday, March 06, 2005


First big bike ride today. Wasn't expecting it till next weekend but my cycling buddy (hereinafter called CB) was unexpectedly free today, so she rang me and we went for a ride. Did about 14 miles in total, average speed of approx 9 mph. Not bad for a first run and I didn't find it quite as hard as I expected.

Came home and spent an hour in a hot bath, with lovely Lush goodies I got for Mother's Day, sipping banana & mango smoothie through a straw. My legs are starting to seize up now, tho'. Think I shall appoint R my soigneur.

Went to see my parents yesterday. My mum did a beautiful thing for me. She's taken photos that she found in my Gran's house when Gran died and put the ones of me into a memory album for me. She's done the same for my sister. There are lots of pages so that we can add to it ourselves.

yesterday's numbers: points allowance ~ 24; points used ~ 25; +/- for week ~ +18.5; exercise ~ 30 mins walking; water ~ 0 ml; booze ~ 0; crisps ~ 0

today's numbers (provisional): points allowance ~ 24; points used ~ 24; +/- for week ~ +18.5; exercise ~ 90 mins cycling; water ~ 1000 ml; booze (anticipated)~ 2 glasses rioja; crisps ~ 0

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M@rla said...

Congrats on the biking! I think you will see a bunch of pounds come off from this!