Thursday, February 17, 2005

fed up?

"what am I fed up of?" s/he1 asks?

Mainly I think I'm fed up of myself. I'm fed up I find it so hard to stick to eating and excercising right. I'm fed up that I feel the need to eat at the slightest stress or unpleasant emotions, and that I let myself give into that so much. I'm fed up that I don't feel like doing the work that's needed.

But, today I'm trying again. NoCounting today and going to belly dancing tonight. Just concentrating on today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. We'll see ....

1) that you, Jude?

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jude said...

yes me. hmm well every day has been a struggle for me it is bad. i have been at a certain diet site 5 yrs and i have still only lost 17 pounds! cept i have really lost over a 100 and put it back on. what to do? i dunno...carry on til i get it right arf.