Sunday, February 20, 2005


Despite hospitalising myself making them, I am still addicted to NoCount smoothies and also to roasted veggies. I'm working away for the day tomorrow, I've made a roasted veg, chickpea & couscous salad thing and am going to make a flask of smoothy to take too.

I get like this about things, go thro phases of eating/doing something all the time then get bored and drop it. It's when I get bored of dieting I have to watch out.

Talking of obsessions, some people need to learn to 'just say no' to stalkers. No, actuallly, they need to learn to say 'feck off or I'm calling the police' to stalkers.


Trinity said...

Oh God wait till the skier returns tomm. Me in trouble. New resolution to be more assertive.

jude said...

I lose roasted veg I am addicted to courgette I get v annoyed when I go to shop and they have none. GRR. I have to take low s*n thing to sw we having a taster thing argh. I was thinking of houmous or chickpea thing.