Friday, February 04, 2005

celebrating (but )

R's been offered another job! A 2 year post-doctoral research assistant post, starting when his current one finishes, and it's a perfect fit for his research interests. It's based in Manchester but (and this is the 'touch wood' bit) he will have to spend some or more time working the USA. Some would be OK but more might be a problem. He's asking for details so fingers crossed they won't want him to be there for extended periods, then he can accept it yay.

Also in good news, I finally got a place on the OU course I wanted. It's taken a while because of various admin difficulties (not the OU's fault) and the course actually started last week, by the time I get the books and stuff I'll have some catching up to do but that's OK. I'm just so relieved, for a while I thought I wasn't going to get it sorted in time and everything would be put back another whole year. And R has been brilliant supporting me with getting this organised.

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Stephen said...

Woo - go (both of) you! Great news.