Friday, November 12, 2004

things can only get better

Firstly, thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's woe-filled post. I've been trying to think positive about things, which is hard for someone like me whose default position is doom, gloom and disaster. However, when I compare how I am now to how I was two years ago, I can see how much progress I have made.

Two years ago I probably weighed a little less than I do now, but I smoked 20-30 cigarettes a day, took very little exercise and binged on cr@p (although I didn't call it bingeing then). Now, I don't smoke and I exercise regularly. I feel much fitter and healthier. In terms of losing weight, I have now at least idenified some of what I am up against, realising that I have compulsive eating issues, and so weight loss for me is not as simple as some like to make out. And as Marla said, "Sometimes the only progress you can make towards a dream is just HAVING it".

Other good things that have happened to me today:

  • R made that doctor's apppointment and went to see his GP this morning (doc says he should deffo stay off the grapefruit juice)

  • a while back I was whingeing about being bored of my musics: well, I read in the gruaniad yesterday about this audioscrobbler oozit, that tracks what you listen to and then gives you recommendations for other stuff you might like. See sidebar for link to what I've been listening to ...

  • this morning, I went into O's bedroom to give him the usual nagging about why he should be getting dressed for school instead of playing with his toys. But he wasn't playing with toys, he was sitting on the floor reading Green Eggs and Ham. I was amazed and pleased and proud, it's the first time he has ever voluntarily read a book to himself. Despite being the child of a pair of bookworms, he's never been much of a one for reading/looking at books on his own (tho he does love his bed time stories). To see him reading to himself was such a joy. And he was really reading, not just reciting the story - he was stumbling over words as he tried to work them out, whereas if you asked him just to say the story he'd be able to recite most of it off by heart. Proud Mum Moment.

  • I spent this morning how I'm going to spend most of my Friday mornings from now on - helping out in O's class. Only people very, very close to me know this, but I am thinking of becoming a teacher. If I do want to, I will have to start by getting a degree (I have part of one, but left university without finishing), most likely part time with the Open University. That would take me at least 4 years, then I'd have another year of teacher training, so it's a long road if I decide to go down it. Spending time regularly in school will help me see if it's really what I want, plus the experience will give men advantage when applying for training places. And most importantly, I enjoy it!

thought for the day ...
This coat my royal gown
A stolen hand-me-down
No need to scrape and bow
We can be heroes now
For more than just one day
Here's how
Look both ways when crossing roads
Don't wear slippers till you're old
Never do what you are told



Anonymous said...

your son has great taste, that book rawks!

it is a huge thing to have given up the fags, starting exercising etc, they are HUGE changes and it's good you're giving yourself credit :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just a thought - you could always do the Classroom Assistant thing - good luck to you - and as to the rest, give yourself a hug and move on. I shall be reading avidly :)

Jude said...

well I must v v close then! as I knew that hoho.

Trinity said...

awww you're so great. I loves you xx