Friday, November 05, 2004

panda news

for sentimental reasons (which I'm not going to explain but which some people will understand), snippets of panda news may appear from time to time.

China Daily reports Giant panda cubs set world records
Shulan, 10-year-old, was pregnant for 200 days before she gave birth. Her pregnancy is the longest ever recorded, as giant panda pregnancies usually range between 83 and 181 days.

Yes Mr DaddyPanda, it's the longest pregancy on record honest, happens all the time, humans have 10 month pregancies sometimes too hemm hemm koff. Good job male pandas can't count innit.

Silly panda site of the day:


Jude said...

I ADORE pandas on tour.

Trinity said...

Pandy.... I miss my panda mates... well one anyways. The rest of you are here