Wednesday, November 03, 2004

she looks how I feel

Kerry admits US election defeat

I thought I wasn't really that bothered about who won the US election, because it won't really make much difference who's in charge. But in the end I do care, very much. I find it so profoundly depressing that so many people went out and queued for hours to vote for George W. Bush.

From the Big Church to the Big River
And out to the Shining Sea
This is the Land of Opportunity
And there's a Monkey Trial on TV
Help save the youth of America
Help save the youth of the world
Help save the boys in uniform
Their mothers and their faithful girls

Listen to the voice of the soldier
Down in the killing zone
Talking about the cost of living
And the price of bringing him home

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Stef said...

*sigh* I seriously will never understand how ANYONE can vote for Bush. It's absolutely beyond me... I just hope the damage doesn't get completely irreparable before 2008.