Thursday, November 04, 2004

O's favourite burfday presents

in no particular order...
  • Trainbot is it a robot? is it a train? transformer robot train = boy heaven.
  • spiderman costume good old fashioned fun
  • Power Ranger Ninja Wind Morpher wha'??
  • bike nuff said
  • Hotwheels T-Rex playset The Most Ludicrous Toy In The History Of The World Ever. A two and a half foot tall plastic dinosaur, with a (stupidly loud) motor at the bottom that fires cars up its back into its mouth, until (with the aid of the seekrit Attack Lever) you fire a car at the right angle to make the dinosaur roar, open its mouth and spew cars all over the room.
  • ocean book I've been reading it all evening, it's top

1 comment:

Trinity said...

nooooooo not nuff said about bike don't you know its coooool