Friday, November 05, 2004


Keen-eyed readers may have spotted that there was no calorie count for yesterday. Ummm. Guess what I ate jelly and cake and such at the party. But also guess what, I didn't completely pig out on it, and did make sure to eat some of the veggies and fruit we'd put out too. I was on my feet all day, getting ready in the morning and then running round doing party things all afternoon. When all the kids finally left, I was completely knackered, so I'm hoping that correlates with calories burned.

I missed something off the list of O's fave presents - he also loved his pop party cd - I think we had it on 5 times yesterday and then he had to listen to it this morning before skool. Oops I seem to have scratched it by accident oh dear it won't play anymore what a shame.


Jude said...

tsk no scratching of THE ALOUD

clarrie said...

Kids Today like only Sugababes, O-Zone & Dj Otzi.

never ever have childrens