Monday, November 22, 2004

busy doing nothing

had a very lazy weekend, just lying around being blebby. Hardly even went outside since Friday. No exercise and a load of eating. I'm beginning to perceive a pattern to the eating madness. I get this huge urge to binge when I know I'm going to be alone. So, on Saturday, I stocked up on piles of cr@p and gorged myself. I know this behaviour has its roots back in how food was managed in our house when I was a kid. But that was then and this is now. I need to stop letting my past control my future. Yeah cos that's so easy to do . I'm going to try to reign it in this week. Today, I'm promising myself that if I don't go out and buy cr@p, I can have lunch in the cafe.

Apologies in advance if this blog suffers from I'm A Celebrity fever - posting here may slow down somewhat but it's only for 2 weeks.

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