Sunday, November 14, 2004

fairground attractions

So, it's Eid this weekend and O is still disgusted that we are denying him his Islamic heritage, on the flimsy grounds of his having exclusively Scottish/Irish, (formerly) Protestant/Catholic (both now atheist) parentage. What kind of exuse is that? A party's a party, after all, so last night we decided to take him to the fun fair that's on in Rusholme as part of the Eid festivities.

O was so excited. I think he was under the impression we'd finally recognised his Muslim identity. Plus, when you're five, going out after dark is an adventure in itself. He was nearly bursting by the time we got to the fairground. Seen through the eyes of a five year old, fairgrounds stop being seedy, tatty, tawdry, over-priced disappointments, and go back to being magical, exciting places full of lights and colour.

O went on a couple of the little-kid rides, but was feeling grown-up enough for some of the 'real' rides too. We went on the bumper cars twice, and even on the waltzers (I used to love waltzers, but I'm sure they must have got faster since I were a lass, I felt a bit queasy after last night's ride). Very disappointed that there was no proper candyfloss onna stick, tho - only stoopid bags of it. I was going to buy O some candyfloss n'all, but not if it's not onna stick! That bag candyfloss is vile and tastes like sugared cotton wool, not like the proper fresh stuff onna stick that makes your whole face sticky. Bah to progress, if progress means candyfloss in a bag.


Trinity said...

I didn't know thay had funfairs in the 1800's?

Jude said...

Going out after dark is an adventure to me too.

clarrie said...

"I didn't know thay had funfairs in the 1800's?"
wot? Is U on drucks,Trins?

Stephen said...

I used to go to fetes and stuff with my father, with a Proper Candy Floss Machine. It was a great flosser, it spun the suger out onto an aluminium bowl for you to spin onto the stick with a deft flick of the wrist. (We was raising money for charidee, we weren't travellers. Just in case you thought otherwise).

Trinity said...

Oh Stephen we all know 'Gypsies tramps and thieves ' was written for you.