Saturday, November 06, 2004

having kids is great

You get to watch kids tv without having to feel embarassed about it. Hurrah.

Top 3 Saturday morning kids tv shows, in reverse order ...

1) Dick N Dom inda Bungalow
manages to be that very rare thing in kids tv - genuinely silly and even a little anarchic, without being self-consciously wacky - also features the mighty Baby Race in which real babies race each other while the watching kids place bets. Genius

2) Going Live
the show that brought us Gordon the Gopher and Trevor & Simon. Does anyone else remember the Curtis's Tigers [1] phone-in? Kylie swinging her pants in the Singing Corner? The Hair Cupboard

3) Tiswas
nuff said

The TV Cream guide to Saturday morning TV

Other news: we went swimming this morning, cycled there and back too. It's a miserable horrible day so I think we're staying inside for the rest of it. Didn't get to see much of bommie night last night, as O was too scared of the fireworks and ran back inside as soon as he heard any bangs. Ah well. Eating is going OK - after a few dodgy days, I'm back calorie counting again.

[1] Curtis Steigers

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