Saturday, November 20, 2004

belly ballroom dancing round the living room

owing to feeling extremely lazy, I lay on the sofa and watched Can't Sing Won't Sing and then Strictly Come Dancing. (I have avoided them so far, and do hope I'm not going to get hooked now. I don't have room in my life for more (un)reality tv, not with IACGMOOH starting tomorrow). Anyways, I was trying to laze about but two of the couples danced to (horrid house band stylee covers of) songs we have most weeks at belly dancing - Simarik (Kiss Kiss) (actually they did a cover of Holly Valance's English language cover ouch!) and Whenever, Wherever. So my attempts to laze about were wrecked by an outbreak of involuntary shimmying (tho I did resist the urge to don any of last night's sparkly gubbins).

Random IAC factoid of the day: Brian Harvey is afraid of water (he can't swim), spiders, heights. Makes total sense to go on the show and face those watery spider-rich Bushtucker Trials, which you have to cross high up rope bridges to get to. Nice to see him prepared to pay a high price for a couple of weeks' coverage in Heat magazine fame.

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Jude said...

strictly come dancing is the best thing ever