Saturday, October 16, 2004

Highlights of my Saturday

  1. Baby Race on Dick 'n' Dom (me and O have decided that we need to have a baby immediately, so that we can enter).

  2. Reading the Little Britain new series interview in the grauniad.

  3. Getting a cd of photos from our friend in Canada (I'm sorting out an on-line photo album to share them with everyone, till she can get her internet up and running).

  4. Seeing O riding his new bike, an early birthday pressie from Granny & Grandad. It has 20" wheels, 6-speed gears, and most importantly, a bell. It has flames painted all over it, is called a HotRod and is officially Kewl.

  5. Eggs Floretine for lunch in the caff.

  6. O going to his friend's birthday party, leaving me and R to enjoy some 'quality time' together.

  7. Roasted garlic

  8. Phish food (if you're gonna go off diet, may as well do it right).

Bring on Sunday.


Trinity said...

What kind of Quality time Clarrie Grundy? ;p

clarrie said...

rousing game of scrabble, natch