Thursday, October 14, 2004

a new hobby for dad

My dad retires next year and my mum's dreading it. Even he can't play golf every single day. He will spend the rest of his time 'helping' her aka getting in the way and trying to suggest 'improvements' to household tasks that mum has been carrying out perfectly well, unaided, for the past 30 plus years.

So, he's gonna need a new hobby for those non-golfing days. Mum thinks maybe he could get into this new fangled interweb they've heard about, and she got us to get him books about computers for his birthday. That was 6 months ago and he still hasn't passed the window-shopping stage. Oh and he refuses all efforts by me to offer advice. After all, what could I, non-engineer that I am, know about such things? Just because I did extensive research on my own computer, replaced my hard drive all by myself and spend most of my waking hours on-line. Tsk, as if I'd have anything to offer.

So anyway, ending the venting of my issues with pater familias, this is leading up to me bookmarking Cooking For Engineers. My dad's an engineer, he knows how a cooker works and he's old enough to be trusted with sharp knives and it's about time he learnt to make his own tea. Once he's worked out how to use computers, I reckon learning to cook should be his next project.

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Jude said...

My Dad has bought stuff online MODERN ok my Mam did it for him ha.