Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Thanks to Marla and Fat Girl Thin for helping me find out what American 'biscuits' are. I knew that cookies = British biscuits. Now it seems (from looking at this pic supplied by FGT) that biscuits = Brit scones.

scone / skɒn skəʊn / [1]
a small sweet or savoury cake of flour, fat and milk, baked for short time in an oven

Scones is a cornerstone of the Irish diet, my m-i-l bakes a fresh batch most days. They is also an important feature of the cream tea.

[1] skɒn - normal pronunciation, rhymes with 'gone'; skəʊn - weird (posh) pronunciation, rhymes with 'throne'. Arguments about the correct pronuciation of 'scone' rage on, there's even been songs written about it
The finale of their dream
In the land of clotted cream
Turned against their fellows
In their lust for jam and scones .... scOnes!

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