Tuesday, October 26, 2004

on letting a 4 year old dictate your meals

Lunch was going to be soup and bread. Till O said he really really wanted omlettes. So, cheese omlettes it was, thereby doubling my calorific intake from that planned. But, on the other hand, at the greengrocer's he insisted we buy a cabbage and a cauliflower. As I am treating non-starchy vegetables as 'free', our tea of cauliflower cheese (with low fat white sauce) and buttered cabbage came in at 200 cals. Then again we did have pudding tsk. Oh, and there was b*tt*r ...

Thanks to everyone who posted encouraging comments for my restart bid. Especially to Marla, who helped me look on the bright side. Like she said, I have not gained weight this year. Who knows how heavy I would be now if I hadn't been working at it, all be it intermittently.

Another bright side to look on - my calorie intake for today may be over-budget, but it's still under the number of calories someone my weight and activity level needs to maintain their weight.

Daily Review
food/cals ~ 1960 eep; fruit ~ 3 (banana, 2 pears); exercise ~ 20 mins walking (at child pace), 20 mins belly dance vid; water ~ 0.75 litre; booze ~ 0

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Jude said...

Under 2000 is still good.