Tuesday, October 12, 2004

will my pedometer change my life?

Piece about pedometers in the BBC news magazine. Apparently, just wearing one doesn't make you thinner. Boo. You have to actually go and walk more, too. Spokesmansays
The 10,000 daily target should include 30 minutes of proper walking each day

I have been wearing mine [1] more as a lucky talisman than anything else. And not doing 10,000 steps most days. Praps I will think about setting a new improved walking challenge ...

other news ~ Koff-Watch: bloomin koff still not gone. I thought it had gone, didn't even need the cough medicine last night, but then I woke up at 5 am with koffing fit. Bah. I shall be laying in more stocks of codeine as prescribed by my personal nurse.

[1] yes I have found it now. it was hiding under a tower of papers on what we laughing call our desk


Trinity said...

oh god not the pedometer? you even took that thing in the bath

Jude said...


Sarah said...

Lucky talisman! Ha ha! That's pretty funny.