Monday, October 25, 2004

yo-yo no-no

So here I go again. Clazza's Weight Loss Programme, Take 3.

As of today, I weigh a whole 2 lb less than when I started all this 10 months ago. I thought I had it sorted then. Just eat less and move more, and I'll be sylph-like for Xmas. Easy-peasy. Hah.

At least I now have more idea what I'm up against. I have learnt some stuff, and I also have the wonderful world of all you lovely diet bloggers, too.

So, here I go again. I've decided to go back to calorie counting. It's such a feckin bore, but it's the only thing that seems to work. Big Sigh.


Jude said...

I now weigh nekkid in morning what I weighed clothed at night ARGH ARGH ARGH

Umm I mean WOO WE CAN DO IT etc

clarrie said...

Trin sez my scales are weighing me at 6lb too heavy. wooo I'm slim!

Trinity said...

my scales is uber cool state of the art and they weigh lighter than yours do

Snugglia said...

Good luck Clazza :)

Stef said...

GOOD LUCK! May calorie counting be as painless as possible and most importantly - may it help you on the way to greater weight loss :)

M@rla said...

Don't forget you've stopped yourself from GAINING weight this year! Once we're older than thirty-five or so, that's an accomplishment.