Thursday, October 07, 2004

an insight?

I was thinking today about eating and calories and so on. And the think that I was thinking was ... for me, what's important is not what happens at normal meal times. It's what happens the rest of the time that really counts.

See, I think my proper meals are pretty much OK. We decided when O was born that he'd eat what we eat (ie no special/separate kids meals) so that means we have to come up with something that's vaguely healthy and nutritious at most meals. We also have an (increasingly old-fashioned) "eating at the table and no tv at meal times" rule. We don't have desserts at most meals, usually just fruit and/or yoghurt. And since I started on my weight loss efforts, I've got a handle on portion size (weighing out pasta etc).

I am increasingly coming to realise how much of a problem I have with bingeing, tho. When I binge, I binge alone. I'm used to having the house to myself all day, and get irritated if R decides to work at home on a day I'm feeling like bingeing. Is it because I don't want people to know? Because I don't want to share? Probably the former, embarrassment coupled with guilty pleasure. It's not fun if it's not forbidden.

So what this is leading up to, is me realising that contrary to most diet-theories (which seem to concentrate on meal times), it's non-meal times I have to worry about.

Which is also another way of saying that I'm not worrying about what I eat when I go out for lunch with colleagues tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

hmm think yer onto something there! it's not that hard to make the main meals healthy, but in between, arrrgh! and i get what you mean about the secret eating.

btw these vegies sausages you're eating, what brand are they? wouldn't mind trying em :)