Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thursday Log


    Breakfast: 50g shreddies w. skimmed milk

    Lunch: veggie-soz sarnies (w. butter boo and w/meal bread yay), banana

    Snack: apple & p/nut butter

    Tea: veggie sozages (yes again :P I love them but the packet's finished now), smashed potatoes, baked beans; banana & custard, grapes

    Drinks: 2 mug coffee (no milk); 3 x 750 ml water; 2 x options; medicinal *koff* whisky

    Belly dancing (plus bike ride there and back)

Daily Review
food ~ good :-) I'm quite pleased I didn't give in to an urge to binge that came on this evening; fruit ~ 4 pieces; exercise ~ belly dancing; water ~ 2.25 l; booze ~ medicinal

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