Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

We've had a fab day, and even my eating has been better. I think I ate so much sug@r yesterday I made myself a bit ill, and today my body was looking for some food with some nutrient content. So I had omlette & salad for lunch, and pumpkin soup at the party, and while I wasn't exactly an angel (some cakes were consumed) I did pretty good in the circs. Even so, come the Moment of Truth tomorrow morning I don't expect to have lost weight. Ah well, I'll work on getting it right(er) next week.

These are our pumpkin lanterns - one made from a garden-centre pumpkin and one from our own, small but perfectly form, home grown pumpkin (of which we are inordinately proud).

Halloween party was great. We made them do traditional halloween games like apple bobbing and the pancake game [1] and the chocolate game [2] before letting them out to do modern new-fangled left pondish trick or treating tsk. They got a good haul, as some of our neighbours are nice kind people. And while they were doing that, we tried to explain to the Korean parents of one of the children what it was all in aid of.

[1] aka the treacle scone game (it uses scotch pancakes, which in Scotland are known as drop scones).
Eating treacle scones strung from a washing line hung across the kitchen is a long-established Halloweeen game. The treacle scones should be ... daubed in sticky treacle before being hung up. (It is a good idea to put a newspaper down on the floor to catch the drips.) All competitors should then have their hands tied behind their backs and the idea of the game is to see who can eat most of their scone. (The Scotsman)

we didn't tie them up, tho, just insist on hands behind backs.

[2] ok so it's not a trad halloween game but hey it's fun and it involves chocolate.

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