Thursday, October 07, 2004

Girls 'embarrassed to exercise'

BBC reports that:
Girls want to keep fit but are too embarrassed to exercise, a study shows. ... Asked why they did not exercise, 49% said they did not feel comfortable exercising in front of other people. ... Report author Professor Helen Haste, of Bath University, said: ... "We should be thinking more about graceful activities."

No we shouldn't! We should be thinking of ways to make girls and young women feel more confident and have better self-image, so that they don't give a flying feck who sees them doing what. We should be teaching them that they can play hard, play competetive sports, run about, lift weights, jump, throw, climb, whatever - and it doesn't matter if they get sweaty and red in the face and mess their hair up in the process. By all means offer a range of physical activities, but don't tell girls they can only do graceful, ladylike pursuits and should leave the good stuff to the boys.


Sarah said...

Hear, hear! I'm feeling very indignant right now, so really, I ought to contain myself because this anger could be perceived as unseemly and unladylike by those who have my best interests at heart. I should probably defer to them with with the consummate grace for which I strive, as a good, demure girl does and should do.


Trinity said...

if I exercise I might not be a virgin anymore?

M@rla said...

What planet is Prof. Haste from? Is she stuck in a time-warp from 1952?

I remember a textbook in my Home Economics class in 1975 or thereabouts, in the section on "Deportment" it showed a photo of a girl struggling to zipper up her dress in the back, with a scowl and look of frustration on her face. The caption was "You don't look very attractive when you act like this."

I was brought up to believe females are supposed to be pretty and gentle at all times, and sacrifice their own needs and wishes to make others feel comfortable. You should never display any negative emotion, because that might BOTHER someone else. That bullshit needs to stop!