Saturday, October 09, 2004

Vegetarian Sausage Guide

DG asked about veggie sausages. I am currently addicted to Asda's own brand frozen vegetarian hotdogs, they are delish and also v diet friendly cos you boil instead of frying. I think most supermarkets stock their own brands, or if not they stock the tivall ones. We eat sosmix sausages quite often too, handy store cupboard stand-by, but nothing like 'real' sausages (and also can absorb quite a lot of oil while cooking, if you're not careful).


Jude said...

I think tivall make the tesco hotdogs they taste exactly the same MMM I microwave them 90 secs that is fast food

clarrie said...

I suspect the Asda ones are made by Tivall, too.