Saturday, October 30, 2004

tricks and treats

No calorie logging today. Safe to say the number of cals consumed is approximately Huge. Well when you're baking, you have to lick the spoon and test the finished product. S'quality control innit. Ghost biscuits [1] and poison buns and toffee apples and pumpkin lanterns and halloween party cd all made.

O is nearly bursting with excitment at the day full of halloween excitement he has on tomorrow. First, in the morning there's chocolate coated apples to be made and poison buns to be iced. Then after lunch there's the apple & pumpkin party at the local community garden centre, straight from there to the halloween party at our neighbour's that we've been doing the baking for, then out trick or treating. We :heart: halloween, although possibly not quite as much as this woman.

And once all that's over with, he has his birthday on Thursday. I bought his present from us today, and my sister rang earlier to say that she's bought him the ludicrously overpriced and over packaged pile of plastic he has been coveting lately. We delivered the party invites this evening, and as soon as halloween's out of the way, I've got all the party cooking to do. Diet, what diet?

[1] is it wrong to use the Xmas Dove biscuit cutter [2] to make 'ghost' biscuits for halloween?

[2] that may be 'cookie cutter' to you.

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Jude said...

halloween smells /me throws flour and eggs at kids