Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wednesday Log

    Breakfast: 50g shreddies w. skimmed milk, 1 slice w/meal toast w. p/nut butter

    Lunch: 2 veggie sausages, egg, white rice

    Tea: baked potatoes with hummous, sweetcorn, cheese; pears with (sugar free) custard

    Snacks: w/meal toast w. p/nut butter, jaffa cakes (medicinal), banana

    Drinks: 1 mug coffee (no milk); orange juice; 1 x options; 750 ml water; hot whisky (medicinal)

    Walking: morning mile

    Belly dance video: 20 mins

Daily Review
food ~ ok up until the jaffa cakes. aaaaaargh. i wonder if i will ever have the discipline to get this eating thing right? ; fruit ~ 2 pieces (but we didn't have any till the evening so not too bad); exercise ~ didn't feel up to aquarobics due to lurgy but did start on new belly dance vid (still haven't got the hang of shoulder shimmies); water ~ 0.75 l - must try and drink more tomorrow; booze ~ medicinal only

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