Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Back home after having a nice time on our mini-break to Scotland. Gran enjoyed her 90th birthday lunch on Saturday and despite her protests about not wanting any fuss, was most chuffed that her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were there. O loved meeting new cousins - actually my cousins' children, which makes them his (... ummm ... *googles* ... finds handy chart ... ) second cousins. He also liked visiting the old ship on Sunday morning. On Sunday night we went to my uncle's house, where O met more second cousins and also had his first experience of live accordian music. He says he liked it so now my mum is threatening to get him a Jimmy Shand record aaaaaaaargh.

Eating-wise, the weekend was kind of bad in an ok kind of way. Which means, there was lots of eating out and I didn't always make the best possible choices, but on the other hand I didn't do much bingeing/snacking. I will be lucky not to have a gain this week, tho :-(

And I am feeling very sorry for self, having contracted some Caledonian strain of Dreaded Lurgy. Symptoms include feeling v. tired and experiencing almost irresistible pull of the duvet, cottonwool-for-brains, and a cough that comes on mainly at night so I don't get much sleep in spite of sleeping propped up like some Victorian invalid. I'm off the chemists now for some of that super-strength Night Nurse they keep under the counter.

update: stoopid chemist won't let me have proper full strength "Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze" owing to some blah blah blah about interactions with my meds blah blah and fobbed me off with crapola non-drowsy formula cough syrup. Bah.

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