Friday, October 15, 2004

things that make you go AAAAARGH!!

When a government website that is hard to negotiate but you have to use most days of your working life gets a make-over. So now it's prettier (it looks like a blog, bless) but not easier to negotiate. And all your carefully harvested links to specific pages you need regularly turn up 404 errors. Add to this the annoyance of the laughable (if I didn't need the information and wasn't in fact paying for it through my taxes) 'search' function on UK government websites and you have a recipe for making me want to give up and go home.

Except I am already at home. So I will make more coffee and turn on my msn messenger instead. It's the closest thing we home workers get to hanging out in the office kitchen. You're welcome to join me there, by the way. My MSN id is clarriegrundy [[at]] hotmail [[dot]] com. Drop in any time, I'll have the kettle on.

linkety-link: The 404 Research Lab

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