Monday, October 11, 2004

I didn't want to go

but seeing as how I won't be able to go on Wednesday, and seeing as how I've moped about feeling sorry for self for quite long enough, I hauled myself off the sofa and down to aquarobics tonight.

Course the real reason I went was to try out my new cozzie. It arrived last week from the ever lovely Allens. I recommend the Maru Classic cozzies for us more traditionally built ladies. My new one's an appollo aqua masters like this
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and I look just like that it in, natch, except that I have better hair. Cozzie has added support in the chest area, which one really feels the benefit of when jumping about at aquarobics. I think I may have been over-optimistic in ordering the size smaller than I had last time, tho, it is a teeny bit snug hem hem.


Anonymous said...

good on ya for making the aquarobics. does it give you a good workout? they have it at my gym but there are always posers (okay skinner f*ckers) lounging around on the side of the pool in deckchairs and that really puts me off.

btw thanks for writing about the sausages, will have to give em go!


Anonymous said...

Yes aquarobics is a good work out. Probably not as 'good' as land aerobics (if the calories-burnt charts are to be believed). But I wouldn't go to normal aerobics classes regularly, whereas I enjoy being in water. Luckily at our local pool, there's very few other around during the class (certainly no deckchairs at municipal pool lol).