Monday, October 18, 2004

scrabble, and other wholesome family entertainments

Oooh goodie, Trin wants to play games with us when she comes to visit. We love board games we do. So glad she wants to join us for an evening of wholesome family fun. Here are a few highlights from our extensive selection:

  • Frustration ~ ludo's even more exciting with a pop-o-matic die

  • Mahjong ~ we have lovely set from Chinatown but are still mahjong n00bs. We don't get to play much since our mahjong-playing neighbours moved away, boo.

  • Monopoly ~ another game I spect we'll be getting the junior version of soon. Currently we have 3 - classic, Coronation Street & Star Trek

  • Risk ~ the classic geeky student's all night entertainment. Not just students, either, all kinds of geeky-types love da Risk. The more hippy, peace-loving, lefty, anarcho-crusty they are, the more determined they are to establish global domination by any means necessary. We haven't actually got a Risk set right now - I've bought at least 2 but somehow at 7am, after staying up playing risk for 72 hrs solid (with associated drinking), you can never quite remember whose set it was to start with. And you are too desperate to go to bed to argue about it. Risk - as endorsed by the TickleMeister. Nuff said.

  • Scattergories ~ v. good game for when you have people round, and one of the few games that genuinely works well with people of all ages (and can be played in teams, or not).

  • Scrabble ~ we :heart: scrabble. We have 3 scrabble sets (new one, old one (kept for spares for new one) & travel scrabble). Shortly to be 4 sets when O gets Scrabble Jnr from Santa. R once gave me a copy of How To Play Better Scrabble for my burfday, and our dictionary is almost always bookmarked at the 2-letter words list at the back. It's a shame Trin's not gonna be here at the same time as C this weekend - C's favourite is Dirty Word Scrabble. C usually wins at that, but I reckon Trin would give her a run for her money. Gift ideas for Danz: Disney Scrabble.

  • Snakes & Ladders ~ gotta love that up and down action.

  • Trivial Pursuit ~ yes OK so we're Thatcher's Children. Don't hate us, it's not our fault. Gift ideas for Abby: Goth "Trivial Pursuit"

Or, if you wanna play for real, I could always take you to the casino. Don't say I don't know how to show a girl a good time ...


Jude said...

My bruv cheated at scrabble other night BOO he finished on a 7 letter word then 5 mins later he saw that he'd spelt it wrong.

clarrie said...

tak. Cheating at scrabble v. bad.