Friday, October 29, 2004

I hate this

I have a bar of chocolate in the cupboard. A very large bar of chocolate. It's there for making choccie apples for halloween. It's trying to make me eat it. All round the supermarket the chocolate demons were after me. I hate this, it feels exaclty like stopping smoking, and I don't know if I want to do that kind of hard work all over again.

Daily Review
food/cals ~ 1960 - over 1750 boo but under 2000, not bad considering biscuits, wine and nuts have been involved; fruit ~ 1 banana tsk; exercise ~ 30 mins bike, 20 mins walking; water ~ 2.25 l; booze ~ 2 glasses red wine


Trinity said...

no no no girlie. Listen to Trin It's there for a purpose not for general consumption. No eating it.

Sarah said...

I agree. And it's not your chocolate, anyway. It belongs to the kiddies. If you ate it you'd be snatching it right from their very mouths. And that would be just plain wrong. Not to mention that you honestly do have it in you to be stronger than that -- and it is hard work, but damned well worth it.