Sunday, October 24, 2004

quick note

Have had fab weekend. Gave Trin guided tour of where we live, then we all went for lunch in our local caff. After that Trin had to go home booooo but C came to stay yay and then we all went on train to the PRY [1] to see some other friends. Stayed there overnight, came back this evening. Then I acted as a taxi service for a bit, and am now going to slob out with new book and nice wine.

And no, Jude, I haven't forgot about the Diet-restart-on-Monday Pact. Nor have I started yet either.

[1] People's Republic of Yorkshire


Trinity said...

Did your butler tell you I rang? lol I'll call again

clarrie said...

d'oh! :slaps forehead: he did tell me, but then he didn't remind me. tsk, you can't get the staff ..