Sunday, February 27, 2005

little angels

O is doing his best to win a Cutest Kid award this weekend. If he's not mooning over S (and planning to save up his newly-awarded pocket money to buy her Animal Hostipal toys for her birthday), he's presenting me with lego constructions he's made specially for me. I've been given all of these this morning:

Aww bless. Having kids is luverly and I refuse to think about anything anyone might say about what happens when they turn into teenagers. La La La I'm Not Listening La La La.


jude said...

cute. i'm dog sitting for dayssss and they haven't made me anything.

jude said...

ooh yeah i want to ask if it is easy to find the lowry and is it near to where i was last time in manc ha.

clarrie said...

yes it's easy to find, no it's not near where you were last time but it's dead easy to get there on the tram. I will send you helpful annotated map.