Monday, February 14, 2005

didn't we have a lovely time

I did manage to drag myself away from in front of Trin's tv a couple of times (when "Pimp my Ride" wasn't on, of course) to see some of the sights of the south west.

We went to see wonder of the industrial world the Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. I'm not sure Trin believed us when we said we like bridges. Despite a surfeit of school trips to Iron Bridge, I still find a well made bridge a beautiful sight.

Also went to Weston, tho it was too cold and windy for the donkeys. O adored the amusement arcade at the end of the pier, he loved the Crazy House and the Ghost Train, he had a fantastic time apart from when he got lost 'cos mummy & daddy were obsessed with shovelling 2ps into the Penny Falls machines. I am so in trouble when he tells my mother that I lost him. Again.

We got proper candy floss (tho not onnastick owing to prevailing weather conditions) and O even saved some for Abby awe. He likes Abby, they were singing along to Busted together in the back of the fancy car with cd player. O thinks they should move up here, Trin and girls and cats. And their Busted cds and digital tv, natch.

My diet and exercise efforts were suspended over the weekend so I am expecing the worst when I get on the scales on Wednesday. Planning on doing NoCount™ to atone.

Pimp My Bike


Anonymous said...

glad you all had nice time i was miserable with no computer

Trinity said...

Bailey misses Owen

Stephen said...

I like Weston, I once won C a soft toy on the grab machine there in a romantic type stylee...

What, pray tell, were you doing on a site called

clarrie said...

ooh gosh

/gasps in awe at new blogger comments

(easily impressed by simple and/or shiny things)

anyways ....

Spunk in Swedish:
The word "spunk" is taken from the books about Pippi Longstocking by the Swedish children's writer Astrid Lindgren.

The story goes like this. Pippi has just invented a new word, "spunk", but doesn't know what it means just yet so she goes out into the small town she lives in to find out by asking the shopkeepers if they have a spunk. Heh. So a spunk can be anything, anything we like.

clarrie said...

oh and I was googling for 'pimp my bike'