Monday, February 07, 2005

left-pond latest

R's accepted the job. He'll be mainly in Manchester this year and the beginning of next, then from around August he'll be spend some time working in Buffalo.
map for the geographically challenged (like me)
It's right by Lake Erie & Niagara Falls cooo.

We don't know exactly how long he'll have to be there for, but it's too good an opportunity for him to miss so he's decided to take it. In around 18 months time, be prepared for plenty of moaning from me about single parenthood and having to have my mother come to stay to help me out with childcare when I'm working. While R's off having a good time.

Oh and did I mention he gets at least two trips to Brazil for conferences, too?


Stephen said...

Woo, go R! (But try to avoid Buffalo between Thanksgiving and Easter, trust me on this...)

Anonymous said...

that is tops news about R... such a good opportunity! woohoo!

(but not woohoo to him going to exotic places while yr stuck at home :)


Trinity said...

NYS can be very pretty. Well Done sweetie (R not you clazza!!)

M@rla said...

Buffalo? Well... I suppose it has its good points, but it would have been nice if R was posted to someplace less similar to Manchester. Charleston or Santa Fe, something like that. Perhaps he can take a road trip (remember: we drive on the RIGHT side of the road!)

Congrats to R.

clarrie said...

a few years back we thought he might get a grant to study in San Diego for 3 months, but it didn't happen :-(

Jude said...

Hire me as nanny I teach him all girls aloud songs and take him to pub woo.